Iranian Culture as Some Sub-cultures

June 18, 2011

Recently I read a book titled Injustice, Ignorance and Purgatory: Whispers and Cries in the Clash of Cultures written by Mohammad Ghaed.

Ghaed is an Iranian professional journalist and he’s worked in some famous papers and magazines like Ayandeghan Daily, Kayhan, Ketab-e-Jomeh, Payam-e-Emrooz and some others before and after Revolution in 1973.

As I know he is the first Iranian thinker who emphasized on sub-cultures in current Iran and he’s analyzed events in Iran, based on this concept.

In addition, Ghaed knows no border between literature, politics, economics and any other fields. In fact, he has a critical and especially multilateral and approach to the events in current Iran.

I think this book is useful for foreigners who study Iranian culture. I wish it would translate in English some day.


I Write in My Blog Again

November 27, 2008

Our world faced some very important events like presidential election in The United States, as I couldn’t write anything in my blog. In fact, I was learning French during this time.

But now I have to get ready for TOEFL, so I have enough time to read and write in English. In other hands, I have to read and write in English.

Another Iran

March 31, 2008


 Last night I watched Santouri, an Iranian drama film directed by Dariush Mehrjui dealing with the life of a Santour player named Ali Bolourchi.

 This film has only been screened once in Iran. Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has forbidden public representation of it. Of course, anybody can find a CD or DVD copy of it. During last year, most argued about why the public representation has been forbidden?

 After watching, I asked myself this question too. I think they had forbidden it because this film represents another Iran unlike what the political system claims. Ali and Hanieh represent the Iranian youth and their problems such as addiction and social limitation in general.

  In addition, Ali and Hanieh act as real as the Iranian youth live in Iran today. Most of them don’t say prayers every day and they ignore Islamic limitation about relationship between girls and boys. In general, they don’t accept Islamic culture as the political system wants them to do. Ali and Hanieh spend time together before marriage on mountains around Tehran. This is unlawful religiously and even it is an act against the law.

 Santouri is a real film about Iran today and these realities torture officials in Iran.

A Beautiful Dream

November 3, 2007

Some days ago, I bought a book by Bernard Lewis, named Istanbul and Civilization of the Ottoman Empire. At night I dreamed this old city, was prowling the bazaar. What beautiful it was! It was as traditional as I expected. 
I visited this city some years ago, but I don’t know whether Istanbul has such bazaar or not?

This Year’s Noble Prize for Literature

October 12, 2007

Doris Selling 

Tonight I understood that Doris Lessing was born in Kermanshah (my town) in 1919. At that time, many British families lived in Kermanshah, according to history.
If I was instead of officials, I would name an avenue as Doris Lessing.